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Heritage Park Historical Society & Crazy Creek Timber Frame Structures Timberframe Workshop and Raising '04

Our first ever timberframe workshop and traditional hand-raising was a huge success!
Students in our week-long workshop learned the art of timber framing hands-on by
fabricating a 20' x 40 timberframe for the new Heritage Park Atlas Lumber Co.

Everyone did a great job and the frame looked beautiful! We weren't finished yet, though, it still had to be raised.

Now-a-days cranes are used to lift the timberframe bents in place, and many of us had never taken part in a
traditional hand-raising before.We were very excited.

With the help of 40 volunteers and some hard work the frame went up quickly- in a matter of hours! It was just
like an old barn raising would have been, when whole communities gathered to help. We're glad to be part of an
event and a building that will last for hundreds of years and many generations. Below are some photographs of the raising.

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